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Genealogical and other research locations


  • Jefferson County Achieves.

  • University of Louisville (regular archives) 4th floor of the Ekstrom Library on the Belkap Campus of the University of Louisville.

  • Photo Archives at University of Louisville (photographic collection of glass plate negatives, film negatives, movie films, and videos).  This is in the basement of the Ekstrom Library on the Belkap Campus of the University of Louisville.


  • Many of the cemeteries in Louisville that are “active” and continuing to allow burials have offices where you can conduct research.

  • Inactive cemeteries such as in Jeffersontown, KY; there are a couple of mostly abandoned cemeteries and the limited research and/or records are found in the J-Town Historical Museum located in the rear of the Free Public Library.  The museum is funded by Jeffersontown, KY and that can be good/bad.


  • While each Catholic Church will have many records, they each might have different rules concerning what you can see and/or photocopy.  Knowing your family history and whether they belonged in a particular parish can help learn more about your family, but also their friends/witnesses for various events.  WARNING: some other churches start charging $25 per person that you research.  Therefore, you need to have done your homework on someone well before enlisting their help.

  • St. Martin’s Catholic Church downtown (Shelby & Gray Streets) Louisville has a genealogical research library that most people do not know exists.  They have hardcopy, photographs, and other media formats that you can research for several of the downtown churches.  They run a combined facility.  Donation encouraged.


  • Louisville Free Public Library: Main Branch, (downtown Louisville), (Second Floor).  This is a serious collection of thousands of resources.  You can find older city phone books, city directories (dating to 1832), and a nice map collection too.

  • Hart County Historical Society, Mumfordville, KY.

  • Mormon Temple, Linn Station Road.  They have the Louisville Genealogical Society collection at their facilities.  Both are “open” at the same hours.

  • Mormon Temple, New Albany, IND.

  • Nelson County Library, they have a special room for genealogical research that has their own hours of operation that are shorter than the library itself.  This wonderful library has a photocopier that can scan many photo copies and put those directly onto your thumb drive and this is free to do.  They sincerely want to help their visitors.  They sell many books that will positively embellish your collection.

  • Sons of the American Revolution National Headquarters, Louisville, KY.


  • County Clerk’s Offices (deed rooms / officially recorded documents)

  • Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, KY.  This is the official repository for original records from 120 counties and state agencies.  Visiting here has many rules and times you need to know BEFORE you visit them.

  • Kentucky Land Office: (a division of the KY Secretary of State’s Office), Capitol Annex, basement level.

  • Property Valuation Administration (PVA) (researching deeds/taxes/tracts of land).

  • United States Army Corps of Engineers (Historical Department), Mazolli Federal Building, Louisville, KY.   If you are researching waterways, major construction projects, and technical shipping data since the 1700s, names of vessels, to research Irish workers who helped to build our lock & dam systems since the early 1800s, then you need to visit them.

  • Urban Planning: Louisville, KY.  They have historical maps, documents, building plans, and other factual records that can help you.


  • Anchorage Historical Society, Anchorage, KY.

  • Beargrass Creek Historical Society, St. Matthews, KY.

  • Bullitt County Historical Society, Sheperdsville, KY. 

  • Civil War Historical Society and Museum, Bardstown, KY.

  • Filson Historical Society (“Filson Club”)

  • Hart County Historical Society, Mumfordville, KY.  They have extensive genealogical and Civil War Records.

  • Howard Steamboat Museum (Jeffersonville, IND)

  • Jeffersontown, KY.  They meet at the J-town library only each two months.

  • Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven, KY.

  • Middletown Historical Society and Museum, Middletown, KY

  • Old Louisville Historical Society, Louisville, KY.

  • Oldham County Historical Society, LaGrange, KY.

  • Portland Historical Society, Portland, KY.


  • Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville.  This is one of three repositories for the United States Supreme Court.  They have over 1,000,000+ law books and treatises in the building.

  • Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse, there is a federal law library that mostly only practicing federal lawyers and judges know about, but the public can research there too.

  • Jefferson County Public Law Library, Louisville, KY (old jail building).

  • Kentucky Supreme Court Law Library, Capitol Building, Frankfort, KY.

  • Northern Kentucky Law Library

  • University of Kentucky Law Library

  • **Each of the 120 Kentucky counties should have country law libraries where anyone is welcome to research.